The second page of KOL art!

A commission for coot66. He turned out to be a scammer or something, which is unfortunate because coots are cute (though the furry outfit thing was slightly disturbing).

A drawing of coot66 and coots.

A commission for franksinistera. I drew him to young but then again I drew Quato too old, so cosmically it all balances - maybe.

A drawing of franksinistera.

Applying the stuffed shoulder parrot proved a difficult task.

A drawing of a a stuffed shoulder parrot.

A commission for Hotpasta.

A drawing Hotpasta relaxing in her house with cool stuff and familiars.

It's Bashy!

A drawing of Bashy and his noble donkey Dashy.

A commission gift for Sandrylene.

A drawing of Sandrylene in the Spooky Forest - she's all vikingy.

A commission gift for Fab.

A drawing of Fab and her Cheshire bat.

A commission gift for Cucumber.

A drawing of Cucumber teaching English.

A clan portrait of (the old) Warehouse 23. A commission from Wormwood. Click the image for a larger version!

There are 31 characters in this drawing - that's 30 more than in the usual drawings I do.

Tags I did of the KOL star signs. I like how well the blender fits in.

A mongoose. A wallaby. A vole.

A platypus. A opossum. A marmot.

A wombat. A blender. A packrat.

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Images copyright Rachael Moore 2004-2005