These are drawings I have done that relate to the awesome online game The Kingdom Of Loathing. If you haven't heard of it, check it out - it's free! There are multiple pages of drawings here - just click the arrow at the bottom of the page for more.

This is my first KOL drawing: My Turtle Tamer Lierne.

Lierne the Turtle Tamer.

I did this pic for BoyZero's KOL Fine Arts Contest.

A drawing of a my KOL character stealing a pirate's meat.

I did this pic for Quato's art contest on his briefly existing message board. The theme was a Council prescribed quest. Except now the meat car quest is no longer prescribed by the council. C'est la vie.

A drawing of a my KOL character making a bitchin meat car.

A commission for Ataindre. I got 25 million meat for this. Ah, Black Sunday. Of course, I then turned around and spent 30 million on a Ghost Pickle on a Stick.

A drawing of Ataindre at the grafitti wall.

A commission for Lord Blade.

A drawing of Lord Blade at Mt. McLargeHuge.

A commission for Quato.

A drawing of Quato and his closet.

This is Lierne surrounded by her familiars. At the point it was almost all of them. There are now, like, a billion more.

A drawing of a Turtle Tamer and her pet familiars.

This is a picture of Philanthropist for his contest in the forums. There is a color version in the drawings section of this site.

A drawing of Philanthropist as a Scotsman.

This is a comic I did for a thread of KOL comics. Click the image for a readable version.

Vacations are for relaxing - blurry version.

A commission for cardern.

A drawing of cardern on his sn0board with hipster ents.


Images copyright Rachael Moore 2004